1. When you log in the system will land on all available grants on My Applications

2. Click the Start button to start completing your application

3. When you have read and understood the instructions, click the box to say you understand then click Start

4. The system will then open to the Summary page of your application form. Make sure your Contact Information is correct then fill in the Diversity Monitoring Questions and provide the name of your UK Host Organisation then click Save

5. The application form will then open

6. Click the View Instructions button (1) if you need any further information. Click Edit Contact Details (2) if you need to make changes to your info. Click the Start button (3) when you are ready to start a page and click on the Participant tab (4) if the grant requires you to invite collaborators.

7. When you start completing your application form the status bar will change to mark the pages off that you have complete

8. Once you have completed all pages of your application form, the Submit button will appear for you to submit your application to the Royal Society

N.B - You can stop and save your application form at any time and resume where you left off when you log back in