1. If you have been asked to 'Collaborate' you should have received an email. Click on the link in the email to bring you to your Collaboration invitation

2. Click to Accept Request and a Register button will appear

3. Click on the Register button and you will be brought to a Data Protection page. You will need to Accept the data protection policy and then click Continue

4. You will be brought to a register page so that in the future you can log-in and collaborate on other applications, fill in your details and click Register

5. You will be brought to the Application Form and the page(s) you are meant to collaborate on will be highlighted. Click Edit on the page(s) you are meant to collaborate on

6. Complete the mandatory questions on your page by clicking Start beside it and then click Save Progress or Save & Submit

If you click on Save &Submit you will get a pop up message to confirm

7. You can also Submit your contribution, from the summary page once you have completed your contribution page

Once you click on Submit your contribution, you will see a pop-up message to confirm this